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The Convocation of the HKUST as a component of the University is created by section 17 of the HKUST Ordinance(Chapter 1141 of the Laws of Hong Kong). In November 2010, the University Council has approved the formation of the HKUST Convocation with its StatueConstitution and Rules. According to the Constitution, all degree graduates of HKUST are members of the Convocation. 

Subject to the provisions in the Ordinance, the Convocation shall have the following objectives:
(a) to help promote goodwill among members of the Convocation and between the Convocation and the University;
(b) to offer help and ideas to the University;
(c) to promote good relations between the University and the general public;
(d) to contribute to fundraising efforts of the University;
(e) to promote the objectives and activities of the University.

The Convocation shall consist of the following members:
(a) persons on whom an honorary degree or honorary fellowship has been conferred;
(b) graduates on receipt of an academic award at degree or postgraduate diploma level granted by
the University;
(c) such other persons as may be prescribed by the Council.

Alumni being the majority of the Convocation members will play a significant role in the Convocation.  The Convocation of the University can further strengthen the alumni network and facilitate alumni contributing to the University through a structured system.